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Tip one: integrated drill design

When we talk about drills our main goal is developing players and improve their performance. However, developing players is multi aspect and we should consider all aspect during the practice and in drill design, running the drill and giving feedback we must integrate all aspect that are related to development of players. Here are these aspects:

  • Heart: create positive and supportive atmosphere in team that players fell safe. Also each player should feel that is important and worthy in the team and players and coach need him/her. Sense of gratitude and be thankful about what he/she has and is.
  • Mind: create growth mindset in the team (learning, hard work and courage), therefore, each player focus on his/her performance to improve with grit and persistence. Also having complete focus and connection with the individual goal and also the goal of the team.
  • Body: care about injuries, and consider movement patterns, motor abilities, work-rest ratio and track fatigue of players. The main goal is keep players healthy and help them to reach their maximum potential.
  • Team: develop culture of excellence, taking responsibility and commitment, helping and support each other in up downs. All players should have a challenging role in the team that they accept it, and the coach should motivate, guide and support them to do their duty with confidence and quality.

The coach should create discipline among players and the team and also nurture harmony in their performance; in this situation all players and the team will perform in their maximum potential.

Team work is very essential component of efficient coaching staff, it is also the responsibility of the coach to develop positive and supportive atmosphere in the technical staff, don’t forget that we cannot give, what we don’t have. If we don’t have good team work among technical staff we cannot create it in the team.

  • Fundamental and Technique: the coach should have very deep knowledge about all fundamental skills and techniques of volleyball and teach them during the practice. For younger players the coach should allocate more time to develop their fundamental skills and also specific techniques that they need according to their specific positions.
  • Tactics: the coach should have extensive and deep knowledge about all volleyball tactics and strategies and understand which ones are suitable and effective for the team and teach them. Also he/she must have progressive methodology to teach these tactics and test them in friendly matches and after do corrections and finally use them in official matches.
  • Innovation: let the players try new things during practice and talk with them about their decision making pattern and what variables they have considered. This is very important role for coaches to give courage to players to try new things.



FIGURE 5.1 Development of players and the team

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