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IQ, EQ and SQ

In this part we are going to talk about three Q (Quotient) that every volleyball player should have; IQ (Intelligence Quotient), EQ (Emotional Quotient) and SQ (Spiritual Quotient).

IQ can indicate how smart a player is and how he/she is able to evaluate the situation and conditions, make the best decision and do that decision in the best way. The higher his/her IQ, the better he/she can learn new techniques and is able to implement them well in real, difficult and stressful situations of the game.

EQ shows how good teammate a player is and how much he/she helps his/her teammates to feel better and to build a better team. Players who have high EQ treat well with their teammates, speak kindly with them, smile, and use polite and positive body language.

SQ can signify to noble and kindness of players. Players with high SQ are good hearted, hopeful and get happy from successes of their friends. They are always hopeful about the result of their efforts and success of their team, hand has strong character.

  • IQ: good technical skills and efficient individual tactics (train hard with motivation, reading the situation and decision making with focus, and executing with confidence)
  • EQ: good teammate (positive, supportive, flexible and energizer)
  • SQ: good person with strong character (integrity, honesty, consistency)

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