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Offensive strategies and tactics

The main goal in offensive strategies and tactics is maximum use of our strength points and hide our weakness points in order to put our attackers in best situation for take point. There is two tactics based on players, first, the team tactic that setter use to run the offense of team that only can be used in perfect and good reception and the second one is the individual tactic that attacker use according to situation. In poor receptions the setter duty is to set with the very good quality to attacker which is in best situation, and again the attacker must read and evaluate the situation, choose the best option and execute it.

In good quality receptions we can use some basic strategies that depend on setter technical and mental abilities, speed and availability of quick attackers and also characteristics of out-side attackers. As you see the most important thing in using any tactics the most important thing is our players technical and mental abilities and characteristics, so we must not copy tactics from other teams with closed eyes and use in our team. the foundation of any successful offensive strategy is playing:

  1. as fast as it is in your control
  2. as high as it uses attacker physical abilities
  • as varied as the opponent don’t predict you
  1. as smart as you feel confidence and enjoy
  2. as powerful as you feel dominant and opponent feel helplessness
  3. as low mistake as you don’t lose courage

Some basics offensive strategies:

  1. Spread strategy (example tactics; quick attacker: B quick and out-side attacker: position 2 or 1; quick attacker: C quick and out-side attacker: position 4)
  2. Combination (example tactics; quick attacker: A quick or B quick C quick and out-side attacker: pipe)
  • Overload (example tactics; quick attacker: B quick and out-side attacker position 4; quick attacker: C quick and out-side attacker position 2 or 1)

Offensive tactics must base on following principles:

  1. The knowledge and experience of the coach
  2. Technical level and special abilities of attackers
  • Available time for training and developing tactics
  1. Expose the strength points of setter and each attacker
  2. Special Characteristics of the Setter; like his/her experience, ability to create good timing with quick attackers to make them available all the time with jump set or without jump set, decision making and thinking ability under pressure.
  3. What we need against the opponent and their weakest blocker


When we talk about success in offense we need some standard statistics in order to compare our team performance with it, Table 2.3 can help us for this comparison.

TABLE 2.3 Statistics of performance of first three teams in 2022 Men World Championship in attack after reception:

# Eff % = / ! +
Italy 51% 39% 6% 6% 27% 6% 3%
Poland 56% 45% 6% 6% 21% 6% 5%
Brazil 52% 41% 5% 6% 24% 8% 5%

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