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Tip two: well-structured and game-like drills

The coach should be great manager of practice. He must set deliberate goal for the goal, plan, organize the resources, control the execution and make corrections. He/she must do all of these n order to increase productivity of practice and make it count.

First and most important thing in drill design is goal of the drill. It should be purposeful based on the ability of the players and need of the team, and also if we chose a name for the drill it will good reminder for the players so any time we just say the name of drill, they immediately understand what we mean.

Next thing in order to give structure to the drill executing is preparing the material that we need before starting the practice, and also organizing the assistant coaches and staff with clear duties. And then coach should set up the players to run the drill. For each drill we should define success criteria that can be score, number of correct repetitions, positive percentage and so on.

The last important thing is coaching points that refer to corrections that coach should make during the drill. So the coach must be completely aware and consider movements, techniques and decisions of players.

FIGURE 5.2 Drill Design Sheet

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