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Tip three: measure to manage improvement

We can improve what we can manage, and we can manage what we can measure; so measurement and evaluation are very important part of drill efficiency and constructive feedback.

Measurement can be done in several ways:

  1. Technical measurement and evaluation:

By using some software like; Kinovea, Hudl Technique and Coach’s Eye we can look deeply at:

  • Angels of different joints in different techniques (knee angle in jump for attack or block, the angle between hands and body in underhand reception, the angle between hands of the setter and the ground and so on.)
  • Arm swing in attack
  • Time between releasing the ball from setter hand and hitting the ball by attacker and so on.
  • Time between hitting the ball by server and arriving the ball to receiver.

We can measure and evaluate that top level players and teams how do this type of things and compare with our team and players, and then design corrective and developing drills.

FIGURE 5.3 Measuring the time for reaction in reception of fast jump serve by Coach’s Eye software

  1. Statistical measurement and evaluation:

By using manual analysis or some software like Data Volley, VolleyStation, Click and Scout, we can gain some information that will be useful for us as coaches and also for players. By comparing this information with top level players and team we can plan and organize our practice more efficient. Here is some useful information:


  • Positive performance percentage of each player and team in different skills (attack, reception, serve, block, defense)
  • Efficiency percentage of each player and team in different skills (attack, reception, serve, block, defense)
  • Directions of attack or serve of each player
  • Set distributions of setters in different rotations
  • Set distributions at the end of close sets.
  • Performance in attack after reception and attack after defense.

Also these type of software can provide very selected and short videos for each player and for the team in different situations in match.

     FIGURE 5.4 Use of data volley software to detect the directions of attack


  1. Physical measurement and evaluation:

By using some devices and software like Vert, Speed Gun, Ivmes, kinovea and so on, we can measure:


  • Number of jumps
  • Height of jumps
  • Quality of landing
  • Jump acceleration
  • Speed of ball in serve and attack
  • Heart rate
  • Agility

By tracking number of jumps and quality of landing we can follow the level of fatigue in each player, so we can organize the load of training for each player and also organize the recovery more efficiently.

If we measure the height of the jump of each player and also their record in some agility tests (like, agility T test) we can manage and measure their physical improvement.

By measuring speed of the ball in serve or attack and comparison with international records or standards we can organize the physical training more purposeful and also the motivation and commitment of players will increase.

FIGURE 5.5 Use of technology to measure speed of serve and height of jump

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