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Set – attack – cover; after defense

Transition attack will help us to win the game or if we are back in points we can reach the opponent, so we must organize it carefully and practice in game like situation. Key points for succeed in transition attack are:

  1. Quality of set
  2. When the setter wants to set, all attackers should be ready for attack and have enough space for approach.
  • Communication between attackers and setter, because this part of the game is very dynamic, so short and effective communication is very vital.
  1. Attacker should use the best option according to situation and with patient.
  2. All players should be ready to cover the attacker.

We can categorize transition attack according to quality of first ball and the player who will set the ball:

  1. The first ball is perfect or it is good and the setter will set (like free ball situation); this is the most ideal situation that all attackers are available.
  2. The first ball is average and the setter will set; in this situation quick attacker is not available so the setter mostly will play to out-sides and pipe.
  3. The first ball is poor and setter will set; in this situation the set will be high and should be precise.
  4. Non-setter player will set; in this case the most important thing is to set precise to the position that is comfortable for player. In the case that libero is setting and he/she has good coordination with attackers, he/she can play faster, but the priority is always with being precise.
  5. Setter defense and so the non-setter player should set:
  6. If the libero is inside in most teams specially in women team, the libero is responsible to set. in some teams specially in men volleyball the back row out-side hitter is responsible for set (in this situation and when first ball is ease to control, sometimes the setter will give like pipe set to back row out-side hitter and he/she will approach for attack and in the last moment will decide to attack the ball or give set to one of the out-side attackers.)
  7. If the libero is out of the court that happens in rotation setter 2 and setter 5 when we are serving, the coach should have clear plan according to technical abilities of players. For instant, if the middle blocker has good ball control and setting technique, he/she can defense in position 5 and take all responsibilities of the libero that includes to be setter of the team if the setter defense. Another example, in these two rotations if you back-row out-side hitter has good technique, you can ask him/her to defense in position 5 and the middle blocker defense in position 6, and then you can give all responsibilities of the libero to the out-side hitter.

FIGURE 3.3 Transition attack; Performance of three medalist teams in Men WCH 2022 and also Iran Men National team that didn’t qualify for first 8 teams

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