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Role of the coach

The coach has two main responsibilities: preparing each player and the team to reach their maximum potential, and managing and leading the team related to the match. In preparation he/she should develop mental and emotional abilities, physical potential, technical and tactical skills, discipline and competitiveness, optimism and grit. In this way the coach has two roles:

  • Management: managing the team refers to goal setting, planning, organizing, doing, controlling and then if needs, he/she must review this process to increase the productivity of time of the practice and create the road to the common goal of the team. So we can say that managing is doing the things right.


  • Leadership: leadership is doing the right things and influencing players and touching their heart and mind in order to increase their motivation and passion. The leader can see the goal that nobody can see and help the team to believe this goal and achieve it. Leadership abilities help the coach to increase the depth of training, and so produce better players and better team. Therefore, the coach must have strong character, communication skills emotional quotient (EQ).

The coach should be manager and leader of the team to bring out the best from each player and the team and should check himself/herself that in which part is weak and try to develop his/her abilities or use some assistant coaches to cover his/her weak points.

Great coaches are great planner and organizer of their practice and during preparation period they do what is necessary to reach peak performance in the matches. But ordinary coaches fail to prepare the team and players, so actually they prepare the team and players to fail.

We believe that talking about theory of training is very extensive but in this chapter we mention 10 tips that we think they are very helpful and useful in order to design effective and productive drills, and also we present a few example to clarify what we mean in each tip.

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