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Defense technique

Back court defense is a sign of team fighting spirit and invincibility, because one important part of all defensive techniques is commit to reach the ball and keeping it alive and follow the ball in any situation.

With good defense we can take energy from opponent attackers and also give chance to our team to get points. Always playing versus defensive teams need a lot of mental toughness and endurance in focusing, and it is not easy for all teams to be like this.

Another important part of all defensive techniques is quality of defense, so we have this chance to set up attacker with appropriate set and therefore our chance to get point will increase. So after teaching defensive techniques like diving, pancake, collapse, rolling and so on; don’t underestimate the quality of the ball.

Technical key points in defense:

  1. Stay focused and ready in start position
  2. After the set, detect the attacker and move to defensive position according to tactic of the team against this attacker and also position of the blocker(s). During movement the defender should look at attacker approach and elbow in order to read his/her intention and then adjust his/her position in defense.
  • When attacker wants to hit the ball, defender must stop and adopt ready position and look at attacker and then focus on ball.
  1.  Commit to defense anyway
  2. Use appropriate technique to reach the ball
  3. Keep focusing in order to rebound the ball with as high quality as possible.
  • Continue the game.


We can categorize our defense like below:

  1. Keep the ball alive
  2. Keep the ball high enough in our court
  3. Direct the ball high enough toward middle of the court
  4. Direct the ball high enough inside attack line.
  5. If we have control on ball, pass the ball perfect to setter position.

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