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Complex two explanation

Champion teams are master in complex two or first ball break point that consist of serve – block after serve – defense – set after defense – transition attack – cover. They complete their high level performance in complex one with high efficiency and smart play in complex two, so they can reach their maximum potential and have high chance to win many matches.

In this part we explain the key points of technical elements of complex two: serve, block, defense, set after defense, transition attack and cover; and after we will discuss about modern strategies and tactics that can be used in complex two in order to decrease the efficiency of the opponent side-out.

The points that we get in complex two will make us one step forward to win or if we are back from our opponent will make us closer to them, so we can say that the points we get in complex one are necessary to avoid losing the match, on the other hand, the points we get in complex two are necessary to win the match.

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