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Women Modern Volleyball

We studied the first four teams in Women World Championship 2022 that you can find some results of this study in table 2.1; they are very close together in efficiency in attack after reception (side-out) but there is big difference in efficiency in transition attack between Serbia that took the first place with the other teams, specially this difference was more in high balls (in attack after bad receptions and also after low quality defenses.), so we can say champion teams are comfortable with uncomfortable situations of the game.

Table 2.1 comparing the statistics of Serbia (first team) and the average of the other three teams that ranked from second place to fourth place in women WCH 2022 (Brazil, Italy and USA):




Champion team

Average of


    Suc% Eff% Suc% Eff% Suc% Eff%

Total attacks

   51% 39% 49% 35% 2% 4%

Bad receptions

43% 32% 38% 21% 5% 11%

Total attacks

50% 38% 38% 25% 12% 13%

Low quality digs

   40% 33% 28% 13% 12% 23%

In this chapter first we talk about all technical elements of complex one and after we discuss about how we can play efficient tactically in each rotation.


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