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Way to reach modern volleyball

But how can we achieve high level volleyball? The team and players need some tools to achieve high level volleyball. The first and most important one is to increase the number of correct repetitions of the players in each skill (Not only the number of repetitions, but also the correct number of repetitions in challenging, game-like and deliberate practice) and be consistence in this way for long time. On the other hand, they need to play a lot of meaningful matches to be challenged in difficult and high pressure situations that cannot be stimulated in practice.

These games should be meaningful and high level in order to take players to a higher level. Participating in international competitions play critical role to develop consistency and experience in any team, and also help players to learn from high level opponents. We can’t develop many techniques and skills through practice so players need competition to put them in difficult situation and tough mental and psychological conditions. They should face tough opponent to develop their skills because it is always problems and difficulties that make us act smarter and look for better solutions. They also need many specific and correct repetitions in deliberate practices for each fundamental technique to achieve the next level.

These correct repetitions and challenging matches lead the team to the necessary mental toughness, coordination and confidence to reach the peak of performance and stay at that level. As a result, the tools we need are a knowledgeable and wise coach who can design deliberate practices. We need also high level teammates who can form a good team, learn from each other, and create a positive and friendly environment. They should be like a good orchestra with a great conductor who assigns proper roles and duties to the members and creates harmony among them. As we mentioned before high level opponent is vital to development the team and players ; and finally, we need the appropriate social environment and cultural conditions in the society we live in, as well as professional leadership and management in order to plan and organize and bring fund and sponsors, so that we can create stability in the way of progress and excellence.



FIGURE 1.6 Way to reach Modern Volleyball


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